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About us


SunSoft is a modern consulting company specializing in the design and production of information systems and applications. Our motto is "tailor-made software." By this we mean the ability to perform a dedicated software for the client's needs with any degree of complexity. In our opinion, only such an approach allows complete customization of the software to the actual requirements of the customer and thus precise solution to the problem, which uses information technology.


Form the purchase of software, I'd suggest you can reduce the initial financial outlay or any distribution of their time with the development of your project. Order the production of dedicated software allows you to incur the cost of actually used only for the functionality of the software without having to purchase complex and complicated to operate the systems while maintaining the possibility of further expansion in the future.


SunSoft's activity is based on an individual approach to the customer. Now, no matter the size of your company design and create software tailored to your needs and financial capabilities. We will analyze the problem you want to solve and propose possible solutions and ways of conduct. With us you from start to finish took part in the software production process with constant control and insight into the progress of work.


We place special emphasis on the quality and innovation of our services. We are a team of experienced programmers, database, network and server administrators. Guarantee quality solutions are ideally suited to the needs of customers and cooperation based on mutual trust and reliability.

Since 2004, we create dedicated software solutions for the furniture industry.

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